About Us


business 2Velox Ltd. is a versatile contracting company focused on Information Technology (IT) asset management, support and contracting, delivering end-to-end solutions to businesses from almost all industries in the region. Our company is an integrated, full-service partner that provides outsourced turnkey solutions and complete IT infrastructure deployment, management and support.

Multinational expertise

We work regionally in Bulgaria, but however our consultants have been doing projects in multiple countries and regions like EU, USA, Israel, India, Turkey and others and are available if such demand arises.

Skilled and dedicated team

We have a cross-trained workforce with a wide variety of skills, which allows us to shift resources seamlessly. Our flexibility allows us to maintain one of the best-qualified pool of professionals in the region, which is a real challenge given the volatility of the workloads in the current market conditions. It also keeps costs down and helps us complete projects on time – or ahead of schedule.

Results oriented

We incorporate the best of next-generation technology while embracing essential old world values. When we are on the job, we work as a team, and we consistently deliver the results that the client needs, rather than settling for what the contract specifies. The value we add to a project ensures client satisfaction and positions us to be a preferred contractor in the future.