IP Telephony & Conferencing



Unlimited voice experience and applications


VoIP, or Telephony based on IP, is finally bringing voice into your network, just like all the other applications that you have been using for years, such as email, databases, and instant messaging. PBX manufacturers have moved into IP communications and are now using protocols that can communicate and integrate with other existing applications. These PBXs are referred to as IP-PBXs, because they use IP (Internet Protocol) for their signaling.

Knowledge in leading VoIP technology

Velox has specialized in two specific IP Telephony vendors, which we believe have the most powerful advantages:

  • Cisco Unified Communications (Cisco UC)
  • Asterisk PBX (an open source project)
  • Hybrid (Cisco UC and Asterisk)

Cisco_voip-1If you are considering a new in-house PBX then an IP-PBX should be your primary choice. Either one that is based on Asterisk or a proprietary manufacturer, voice over IP is the future. Investing in a software-based IP PBX makes both financial and good business sense, for new companies purchasing a new business phone system, and also for companies who are looking to replace an existing PBX.

IP telephony is the way of the future and an IP-PBX will bring to your business cost savings in management, maintenance, and phone call costs, plus additional cost benefits from added efficiencies.